Guest Lecturer: Arielle Tye – Sprouts all around!

29 Apr



Loves ricecakes,Radio 4 & Battlestar Galactica. Editor of communication, new media worker and radio nerd. Views are my own.

So there you have our guest lecturers twitter bio. A fairly simple summary of who she is,what she does and what she likes but there is certainly more to this lady than just her love for ricecakes and Battlestar Galactica. Earlier this week, Arielle Tye popped in for a chat with the University of Glamorgan students and in a similar way to our previous guest lecturer Liz Rawlins, she took us on her journey of how she got to where she is now in the media industry.

The Past

Arielle graduated from the University of Glamorgan with a BA hons in Radio in 2008 and since her studies she has gone on to do quite a generous amount of work. As a radio student myself now involved with the University’s radio station Tequila, I was quite impressed and surprised to find out that Arielle was the person to actually set Tequila up. From her degree onwards, she furthered her prospects to greater things by joining the Real Radio and Capital FM (previously known as RedDragon FM) promotions team for a while, aswel as being involved with GTFM radio station and Radio Cardiff helping take part in the traffic link section.

The Present

Fast forward to 2012 and Arielle has now become the editor of youth orientated, Cardiff based, online magazine ‘The Sprout’. The Sprout is a very unique type of magazine, with it only being printed on paper three times a year, the digital dominance of this magazine offers everyday youngsters a chance to write and share their stories and views with the rest of the world. The site provides a registering system where you create an account and can actively become your own journalist! After a story is submitted, it must go through an editing process and if the story is up to good standards then it is published on the site. I think it’s a great thing to get involved in and with its key audience being 15-19 year olds (as quoted by Arielle herself), it shows us that young kids can be productive and create something good in their lives.


Along with her work at The Sprout, Arielle also helps out with voluntary work/teaching at an organisation called the ‘Ministry of Life’ which is a free MC/DJ & singing workshop for youths in Cardiff. She also mentioned briefly that she had a weeks work experience being a journalism reporter who then took her on permanently.

The Future

So it goes to show that whatever you do, it’s important to branch out and make the most of your transferrable skills because doors can certainly open for you in time to come. Arielle’s impressive resume of work experiences has certainly opened up my eyes and made me realise that I need to really get up to speed with filling my CV with a lot more experiences as in the long run, it will truly help my career and my future. It’s also taught me that making contacts and really putting yourself out there can be very beneficial for you if you do it in the correct manor.

You can see the sprout webpage for yourself at

and can also head on over to Arielle’s twitter page – @Little_Ari

****image courtesy of Twitter**


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