Personal Blog: Social Media Addiction

29 Apr

So as we know, social media is certainly changing the way we live in terms of connecting with people that we know and it’s fair to say it has a big impact on our lives. But should we be worrying for the younger generation who will be introduced to this way of life with risks of being ‘addicted’ to social networking sites? How does social media effect peoples lives and is it a good or bad thing?

As a user of social media myself, I would certainly say that I use sites such as Facebook and Twitter quite a lot, probably more than 5 times a day which apparently makes me an official ‘addict’. But I’d have to disagree with that because I find that because it is such a big part of the way society works and the way we retrieve information, it’s almost like an asset that I’m required to have. By going on these social networking sites, this is how I retrieve information about what my friends are up to or what’s going on in the world. It may sound silly that we couldn’t just contact a friend via phone or watch the news, but because something like an ‘app’ is right there in the palm of my hand, with one touch, I can find out everything I need. It is simply my source of pretty much anything and I’d go as far as saying it would be a nightmare to live without it as I’m so used to it being there for me.

To say I’m addicted to social media though would be ridiculous in my opinion. Of course, I like to check often but personally for me, an addiction is something that eats away at you until you’ve got to have your ‘fix’. As I stated previously, yes, my life would probably be a bit of a nightmare and a hassle if I didn’t have social networking sites to find out my information, but at the same time, it’s not always the end of the world if I don’t check it regularly. The main reason I tend to check so regularly is so I have something to pass the time but if I’m busy then I won’t go out of my way to check them as there’s no real need or urgency.

In my case, social media hasn’t effected me in any bad way but it is certainly true to say it can majorly effect others. In a recent case in Kent, a young 17 year old girl has made news headlines for being caught out on social networking (her twitter) for tweeting abusive and inappropriate things. This young girl, Paris Brown was elected to become Britains first youth crime commissioner and was due to start very soon but after the discovery it’s now truly ruined a part of her life as she’s had to step down from the role and battle a public media frenzy. This is just one example of how social media can be so harmful because even though you might think you’re not tweeting or posting something offensive, an employer may have a different view and as it is so easy to track people on social media, eventually you can get pinpointed and just like Paris Brown, your great career opportunity is gone and your reputation is tarnished.


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