Huw Stephens tweeted me!!!

18 Oct

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I blogged on here so I do apologise for the lack of content but fear not as I am back! Over the past few months I have been enjoying my summer holiday after a long year of hard work in university and now I am back and completing my third and final year studying Radio. It’s a scary year and it’s even scarier to think that within 6 months or so i’ll be done at university for good. Oh how the years have flown by…

It’s been pretty non-stop since returning to university and we’ve had a lot of work to do. Since returning to university I have also become a part of the radio station GTFM. This is a station based in Pontypridd so it’s not linked to my university but every Tuesday evening I broadcast live from the atrium campus radio station and have a half hour slot on the ‘clwb cymraeg’ show which is a welsh speaking radio show. I’m enjoying it a lot so far and it’s fast approaching my third show. I’m hoping sooner or later I will have recordings of the show that I can upload to my mixcloud so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, the most exciting news I’ve recently had is that Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens tweeted me!! It was a Tuesday evening after I’d just completed my GTFM radio show. I was walking home in the dark,cold,wintery weather and thought I’d have a little nose on my phone. To my surprise, I went on my twitter to see that Huw Stephens had tweeted me back. I immediately started freaking out! Prior to my GTFM show I thought I’d send him a tweet in welsh (he is a welsh speaker!) to say that I was about to go on the air to talk about Swn festival (which he is involved in) but I never would’ve expected him to reply to ME, out of all the 113K followers he has! Madness!

Here’s the screenshot to prove it!!

huw stephens tweet

So now that me and Huw are clearly best mates (haha!)… no I’m joking. But in all seriousness, I was so appreciative that he actually replied to me. It made my day!

So there we have it, a cracking start to the academic year, I’m involved with a new radio station and I get a tweet from Huw Stephens. Hopefully lots more exciting things like that will be happening throughout the year along with a few mental breakdowns with all the work coming my way, but I’m sure it will be a roller coaster journey. Make sure to stay tuned with everything that’s going on and to check out all of my other social media platforms to keep up to date with things.

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Thank you and goodbye!

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