Happy New Year one and all!

3 Jan

Hello everyone and a very merry new year to you all. So here we are. It’s 2014 and in a few days time I start back up at university. It’s so scary to think that I only have about 4-5 months left of my entire university degree and then just like that, it’s over! What a crazy three years it’s been and it’s gone by quicker than I ever imagined.



(Pictured above: Here is the Exposure Radio Team for the 2013/14 year. We’re a small crew but we wouldn’t have it any other way! I am at the far right with the winter hat on and if you’re wondering why we’re all wearing pyjamas/onsies – it was for children in need!)


My university journey has been quite the roller coaster one. I started off at Derby University studying Media Production but after a turbulent year of not enjoying the course and struggling with personal hardships, I made the decision to change universities and come back closer to home. The result of which was the University of South Wales (previously known as the University of Glamorgan) and there is where I am studying Radio. Although it is a very stressful and heavy loaded course, I am definitely happy with the choice I made and am enjoying this course much more than I would my previous one. 

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bit on the slack side when it comes to blogging on this site but this year, I am determined to make it look dazzling and professional. In the next few months, I’m sure I will be filling my wordpress blog site with plenty of content of what I’ve been up to in university and will be able to show my progress as a student and also as a human being. 

I wish the very best to everyone in this new year and hope you enjoy coming along the journey with me.

Thank you for reading and goodbye for now!


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