Evaluation – Specialist Music Programme – Demi Lovato

19 Mar

The specialist music programme was something that I produced and presented myself and I decided to dedicate mine to singer Demi Lovato. The show was aired on Friday the 7th of March and this clip in particular showcases my passion in my presenting and what I’m speaking about. This was one of the shows that I was most excited about being a part of as I had the freedom to make it how I wanted to. Although I scripted the show, I still meant what I was saying in the show when talking about how Demi Lovato meant a lot to me. I presented sincerely and honestly and wanted the tone to be light hearted and happy. I made sure to adjust the tone of my voice when speaking about certain topics, for example when I brought up the topic of mental health issues, I made sure to adjust the tone to the suitable level. I also made sure to bring in my personality into this programme whilst presenting and wanted to display my passion for this particular singer. I do wish that sometimes I went off script a little to make it sound that bit more natural and ad libbed but this is a lesson that I have learnt along the way. In this clip, I demonstrate the ability to draw the listeners in straight away by introducing the topic and describing what Demi Lovato is all about. I decided to go in a chronological order of her music and started at the beginning with some facts about Demi herself. I feel like it was a very welcoming introduction link with a friendly tone and it generally set the tone for the whole show. Overall, I am fairly happy with the standard of presenting in this show and if I could have improved, I would have tested my confidence and presented more off script.

Please click below for the clip:

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