Evaluation – Location Reporting

19 Mar

Live reporting on a location is a major part of presenting that I have developed upon during my exposure journey and this particular clip from a pre recorded package that went out on the Exposure Brunch show on Monday the 3rd of March displays my different skill set in being a presenter. Earlier in the academic year, we were set on our very first location tasks to do a live report from Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland and also another from Porters bar in Cardiff town centre. I’ve never really had any major problems with live reporting in terms of the things that I say in them. I’ve always been very aware that you need to paint the picture of the scene for the listeners and that you should always think about the target audience and what would appeal to them. I was always praised for this whilst doing my live commentaries so took this on board with me when it came to doing some live reporting links in Cardiff for the St.Davids day parade. This was certainly one of the most daunting tasks for me in terms of presenting as it was very hard to speak directly to the microphone whilst being surrounded by hundreds of people but it is something that I overcame. I feel like I could’ve projected my voice a little louder on these particular links if lack of confidence wasn’t an issue but all in all, I’m happy with how I describe what I see. I am very descriptive in my links, talking about the outfits and objects that I am seeing in the parade and also the general order of what was going on is evident. There was no planned script and I wanted to bring across my genuine reaction to what I was seeing. It was an exciting spectacle to see with lots of displays going past at once so in that type of situation, you can’t script it. The natural tone of my voice is what I wanted and I certainly feel that this comes out. I’d like to think that I brought my personality into this piece as I am a proud and patriarchal welsh girl and wanted to bring the St.Davids day parade alive on the air.

Please find clip below:

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