Evaluation – News Reading

19 Mar

Each day on Exposure Radio, we collaborated with the Journalism students to broadcast news bulletins. This is a clip from the half hour news bulletin that I was a part of that aired on Thursday the 6th of March at 5pm. As part of a duo presenting team, I chose to take the role of the main news readings and Will took the role of sports readings. As stated in my daily blog from 6/3/14, I thought that the quality of my presenting was very good. I made sure to speak clear and concise and I was very particular about the diction of the words I was speaking. Earlier in the academic year, we were set a task to record live commentary reports and the feedback that I received from that was that my diction needed improving. I was told that sometimes I can get a bit lazy with some of my words and that they tend to blend into one another. After really evaluating the way I presented back then, I made it a conscious effort to clearly pronounce my words and make sure everything was projected clearly. I feel like this particular clip demonstrates this improvement and shows how far I’ve come. I also feel like my voice modulation in the presenting of the news stories was appropriate to the type of story I was reading as discussed in the daily blog from 6/3/14. I made sure not to sound too energetic or lively whilst reporting a serious story. At the same time, I didn’t want to sound monotone so was aware of the intonation of my voice. Another thing that I was aware of whilst presenting the news was my breath control.Β  I feel that in this clip, my breathing is very under control and I take the appropriate pauses in between sentences. Whenever there was a time where I needed to take a big breath, I always made sure to lean back from the microphone so that it wouldn’t pick it up too much.

Personally, I thought that organization and preparation was lacking in the lead up to this news broadcast as there was no clear idea of what was coming up and during the readings there were a few technical problems and because of this fact, I feel like it reflects my skills as a presenter even more as I was able to cope under a stressful environment and was able to use my initiative to act on last minute changes. The end product was delivered to a high standard and I feel it was one of my better presenting highlights and this was supported by feedback from the senior producer of the news, Beccy Leach, who praised me for my presenting and she stated that she saw an improvement in me. During the year, she helped me be a part of local radio station GTFM in which I presented a Welsh language show. She brought the fact that volunteering for GTFM really made me improve as a presenter and that it was visible to see in the news bulletin.

Click the link below for the clip:

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