Evaluation – Afternoon Delight

20 Mar

Afternoon Delight was one of the lighter and fun shows that was a part of Exposure Radio and I was involved with quite a few of them wether it was presenting or producing. On two occasions I presented as part of a duo alongside Luc and this clip which previews a montage from our first show together on Wednesday the 26th of February and our second one on Friday the 7th of March displays my skills as a presenter who can work well with a co presenter and also how different I can be with and without a script. The first half of the clip comes from the first show we did in which it was fully scripted and worked out between Luc and I. This show produced by Kath was fairly organised and we had time before the show to prepare ourselves and look over the script. Luc and I both had allocated sections that we would speak on and Kath assigned us our separate interviewees. I was fairly confident with this show as I had previously worked with Luc on an Afternoon Delight show back in December 2013 for our Christmas show. As stated in my daily blog from 26/2/14, I feel like me and Luc worked well as a team and were able to bounce off eachother easily. As demonstrated in the clip, we were able to have natural discussion about what was on the show and bring out our personalities however when I compare it to my presenting performance with him on our Friday the 7th of March show, I feel like there was a massive difference in our interactions. In the Wednesday show, I feel like it was slightly forced at times because we were so stuck to our script and getting everything in on time, that there wasn’t much time left for us to chat properly like we should have. In comparison to the Friday show, we had no script to go by so it gave us more room for the imagination. We went off a running order and a planned structure but the rest was up to us as presenters and I feel like I personally handled this quite well. As it was our last studio show of the exposure journey, it was a very emotional show and emotions were clearly shown whilst we were on the air. I stayed composed and professional at all times whilst obviously trying to make the most of it and have a bit of fun. Me and Luc spoke from the heart when regarding the legacy pieces that were being played out and in the second half of this clip, I demonstrate my genuine and honest presenting skills in which I am talking directly to Luc about his legacy piece. I am surprised at how easy I found it to work without a script as I have usually been so reliant on one in previous shows but this goes to show my development as a presenter and that my confidence has grown in myself. Something that I listened to a while back in the year which I wrote about in my module blog on 6/11/13 was the Radio 1 Teen Awards in which presenters Jameela Jamil and Matt Edmonson worked together in commentating on the awards. I remember being inspired by their duo presenting as they bounced off eachother really well and they made it sound so natural. This is what I believe is demonstrated in my presenting with Luc and that as a double duo, we presented to the best of our ability.

Please find clip below:


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