Evaluation – Interviewing Skills – Uni Life Live

20 Mar

On Thursday the 4th of March, I presented a show entitled Uni Life Live which was produced by Ben. This was a half hour show that aired from 11:30-12:00pm all about university related topics. Referring to my blog from 6/3/14, I feel like this show in particular was one of my highlights of my exposure presenting as it was one of the shows that I got through without messing up any of my script. It was a show in which I was praised by my producers about the standard of my presenting and I was able to naturally bounce off the back of packages and content of the show. This clip in particular demonstrates my interviewing skills during the show. We had a live guest in the studio named Aidan Goodwin who was a student at our university who was a part of an online student magazine called Scholar Club. Producer Ben had prepared me in advance for the interview and I made the effort to research into the guests work too. In the professional world of radio, it is vital that you have researched your guests in order to understand what they do and what you will be talking to them about. Ben and I worked well together in preparing ourselves for the show and the interview and I feel like this shows in the clip. I am confident in what I am speaking about and I feel like I knew what I was talking about and actually did show a genuine interest in what he was a part of. I always think it’s very important to show interest in your guest and to engage with what they have to say and someone who I feel is good at doing this with their guests is Victoria Derbyshire. I’ve listened to a few things from Victoria Derbyshire and referring to a module blog of mine from 11/10/13, I find that she always respects what the guests have to say. I am happy with the quality of my interviewing skills and have found myself getting more and more comfortable interviewing guests about all sorts of different things.

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