Evaluation – Mystery Guest

20 Mar

On each of the Exposure Brunch shows, the producer had the responsibility of organising a mystery guest for us to interview, of which we were allowed to know nothing about until we were on the air. My producer Will gave me information on the air so it was certainly a challenge not having anything prepared beforehand. This clip from the Exposure Brunch show that aired on Tuesday the 25th of February, demonstrates my ability of thinking on my feet and using my imagination. During my second year of university studies, I was taught about interview questioning and the structure that should follow. This structure was a pretty straight forward one in which you would start off with establishing who the guest/interviewee is and then it would progress into what is relevant to the guest at the present time and then it would end with looking to the future. As the time came to interview my mystery guest, I took this lesson on board and put it into practice. I had the structure and some basic questions in my head so I just went for it. Although the interview was a short one, I feel like I succeeded in asking the appropriate questions within the short time frame. As it was around the time of the UK floods during this broadcast, I asked the interviewee about wether he had any involvement with helping the issue. This was a very relevant and recent topic and I was praised in my feedback for asking this particular question. I find that sometimes, not having anything prepared for an interview can actually be more beneficial. For some reason, whenever it comes down to it and having to spark up a conversation, questions tend to pop in your head right there and then. I have found that this happens a lot when I interview guests and it makes me develop as a presenter who can think off script. Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2 presenter has an identical segment in his breakfast show were he gets 3 minutes to interview a completely random and unknown guest. He is extremely good and taking any sort of topic or guest and just going with it and making great radio. He was certainly an inspiration when it came to interviewing my mystery guest and I tried my best to be confident and friendly and to just genuinely get to know our guest. I feel like the interview went very well and the conversation and answers that Doug gave were great.

Please click below for clip:


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