Evaluation – Afternoon Delight

27 Mar

On Tuesday the 25th of February, we embarked on our very first broadcast of the exposure journey and one of my duties was to produce an Afternoon Delight show that as stated in my daily blog from 25/2/14, was one of the longest running shows of the exposure schedule for the day so there was a lot of time that went into planning the show. Having such little time to turn a full hour and a half show around was certainly a challenge but I managed to get myself a running order and script together in time. We were told by our senior producers prior to preparing the show that a certain structure needed to be followed which was to have the first hour of the show to be a fairly light segment with lots of entertainment related items in there and then the last half hour would be a change of tone with some more ‘serious’ items that would then set the tone for the documentaries that would’ve been broadcast after Afternoon Delight. As stated in my daily blog from 25/2/14, I realised that the switch in the tone was perhaps a bit too sudden. I was very happy with the content that was in the first hour as demonstrated in the clip, there were moments dedicated to films and video games,etc and I ended the first hour on the live studio quiz that is also shown in this particular clip. It was a very high energy piece that was then followed by items about money saving, charity shops and homosexuality but I think the last half hour let the quality of the show down. This taught me a lesson in really looking through your running orders and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I don’t think it was too much of a dramatic change but just a slight rejig of content could have been vital to setting the right tone and I would’ve been following in the footsteps of professionals like the BBC if I’d realised. However, as stated in my daily blog from 25/2/14, the majority of the show was certainly a success and I was very happy with how it went. My presenting team, Will & Eimear really worked well together and it was certainly a collaborative project. I made sure to prepare them thoroughly for interviews as demonstrated in the clip, Eimear interviewed local band Arcadian Heart and she did a fantastic job interacting with them. Throughout the show, Will and Eimear bounced off eachother extremely well and produced a lot of general chat as demonstrated in this clip whilst talking about films they’ve seen. I was praised by both presenters as a producer in keeping them calm and being thoroughly organised but one thing they suggested was that it might have been better to give them a little more time to ad lib and create a bond between presenters and listeners. This is also feedback that I received from my peers in which I needed to learn to be a little more laid back in the scripting and to allow space for unscripted speech. This was certainly a learning curve for me and it also reflected on me developing as a presenter aswel as a producer. I came to learn that it isn’t always necessary to have every single word scripted and that you should learn to think on the spot.


Please find clip below:


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