Evaluation – Coming Out Package

27 Mar

Whilst making content for exposure radio, it was always important to cover different topics and to consider the range of target audience we had. Whilst preparing to produce an Afternoon Delight show for February the 25th, I needed to think of some content for the show and one of those ideas of mine was to make a package covering the topic of ‘coming out’ and accepting your sexuality. The aim was to make this a positive piece and to celebrate that coming out is a lot more accepted in today’s society amongst many people. I was aware that this was certainly a very important issue to delve into and that it needed to be handled with care. I made sure to cater to both audiences when covering this topic by sourcing a male and a female who were openly gay. Sourcing interviewees proved to be a success and I’m very happy with the interviews that are a part of the package. They were very honest contributions and I certainly learnt a lot from them along the way. I asked respectable questions about their experiences in coming out but I also delved into the more serious side of things by asking them what their views were on other countries that aren’t so acceptable to gay rights. This gave the piece a different angle to go along whilst also maintaing the positive tone of it. In this clip, I have shown that one interview was live in a studio and that one was on the phone. Initially, both were going to take place in the studio but in a way, I’m quite glad that the other was on the phone because it gives the package that change in sound. Although the phone quality is perhaps not the greatest compared to a studio microphone, I still think it shows variety and it demonstrates that I am able to conduct a phone interview and work all of the technical aspects that relate to that type of job. One of my inspirations whilst making this type of piece was Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills. Although I’m referring to a 2011 television documentary he made, (BBC three – ‘The Worlds Worst Place To Be Gay’) he is still a radio personality who is openly gay and talks about gay rights a lot. I feel proud of making a piece like this because it’s something that I wouldn’t naturally go into so it was an intriguing process. If I were to improve it, as given to me in feedback from my peers, it probably would’ve been even better to go along with one of the interviewees to get some audio/actuality of their lives and the things they were talking about. There was a part in the interview with Michael Amatt were he spoke of being a part of the Welsh gay male voice choir and it was suggested by my peers that I could’ve got some audio from this just to add to the piece. Overall though, I feel like I adhere to professional standards in this piece and it demonstrates my ability to cover a sensitive topic with respect.


Please find clip below:

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