Evaluation – Documentary Production

27 Mar

Whilst preparing for the two week exposure broadcast, we were required to produce our very own radio documentary. Having already made a radio documentary all about tattoos in the workplace in my second university year, I’d continued to listen to some examples of BBC Radio 4 documentaries throughout the year and was feeling inspired to go ahead and make my own. At first, I remembered back to a radio documentary that I’d listened to by Victoria Derbyshire that was all about the use of the ketamine drug and found it a fascinating listen. 1 I’ve never delved into the issue of drugs before and thought that this would be a challenge for myself. Referring to my module blog from 10/2/14, I outlined a brief for a documentary all about the use of drugs in Wales and it’s effects but after some realisation it was clear that I wasn’t able to create something to a professional standard that would be suitable for our target audience in such a short amount of time. It was such a big topic to cover and I found myself struggling to narrow it down. As stated in my module blog from 17/2/14, I made the decision to change my idea to a documentary all about university commuters and whether it was cheaper for students to travel via car or train. This was more of a focused topic that wasn’t too vast and it was very suitable for our target audience as there are a lot of students and probably lecturers at the University of South Wales who commute to university in many different ways. I feel that the standard of my preparation was very good and I actually managed to get my documentary done efficiently and in early. Finding guests wasn’t a challenge as it was quite easy to locate university students in our campus who commute and don’t commute. I do wish that I challenged myself a little more and branched out to maybe other universities or campuses in order to get more of a range of stories instead of it just being atrium based but regardless, there are still some great moments from the contributors who make some good points about the topic. In the clip I have chosen, I’ve decided to demonstrate the range of audio that was in my documentary. I particularly like my very first edit going from the morning alarm into the instrumental bed. I believe that this highlights my editing skills and it shows a smooth transition in the audio. The second voice to be heard is one of my main interviewees who spoke to me about commuting into university via car. He was a great contributor and I feel like he was a key factor in relating to the audience of people who commute like himself or are considering to commute to university. It was all great hearing the experiences and views of those who do and don’t commute to university but in order to substantiate the point I was trying to make and to fill the documentary with exciting sounds, I decided to complete a ‘top gear’ style challenge where I’d actually compare traveling journeys. I feel like this really adds to my production value as I went above and beyond to get the best sound for the documentary and complete it to the best of my ability.


Link for clip below:

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