Evaluation – Entertainment Roundup Package

27 Mar

Producing live shows and producing our own packages was a major responsibility that we all took on during exposure but sometimes we all had to help eachother out with making specific content for specific people. On Friday the 28th of February, Ben produced an In The Spotlight show which was all about films and prior to the day of broadcast he had specifically selected me to create a pre recorded entertainment roundup package for the show. This was something that he didn’t ask anyone else to do because he knew that I had the right sound and tone for the type of package that was needed. I’m usually very up to date with entertainment news so this was something that I was very confident in approaching. Ben provided me with a brief of what he wanted in the package and was specific about having music in there too. I fully took on board Ben’s brief and worked to the best of my ability to make the best package I could. The process involved a lot of research and deciding what stories to cover and my editorial head came in to action when I was faced with dropping a story from the package. I was very mindful of the target audience and the general tone of the whole package and knew that there needed to be film related stories in there so I made the decision to replace a theatre related story with a star wars, film related story. In one of the first news stories covering the NME awards, I made sure to include a snippet about the Welsh Swn festival that was relevant to our target audience in Wales. In terms of technical aspects, the recording and editing of the package was fairly simple. It was a case of following the structure of a story and then a musical bed relating to the story. Referring back to my daily blogs from 27/2/14, I got Ben to listen to the package to check if he was happy with it and after one minor change needed for the levels of the music, I inputed this feedback and gave him the finished product. I was praised by Ben for the quality of my package and he reiterated that he chose me for a reason because I was able to complete this type of package to the standard needed.


Link for clip below:


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