Evaluation – Fjords Gig Package

27 Mar

Live music is a passion of mine and making a gig review package was something that I’d never done before surprisingly. In this clip, I’d like to demonstrate my high quality package making. This is one of the packages that I am the most proud of as I feel it shows off all of my skills as a producer all in one piece. Originally, this was a package that was meant for Luc’s music mania programme but after deliberation, it ended up being used in my In The Spotlight music programme that broadcast on Tuesday the 4th of March. Either way, this type of package would have fitted well in either show as it would be relevant to the type of show it was and would have appealed to the audience tuning in to hear about music related topics. Initially, making this package was something that I was slightly nervous to approach because although I am very much into the music scene and live gigs, I think it was the prospect of interviewing the headlining band that scared me. However, I made sure to prepare myself for the gig beforehand by researching the band called Fjords and to see what they were all about. I had interview questions prepared and the interview went really well although one thing I was disappointed with is that I forgot to look back at some of the interesting questions I had lined up. There were a few opportunities that I had where I could’ve brought up some relevant topics including the fact that they were recently voted best unsigned band in the best of british unsigned music awards1, but in the moment of it all, I lost concentration and missed out on the opportunity. Referring to my daily blog from 2/3/14, I headed down to the Four Bars venue in Cardiff to record the gig and interview the band prior to their performance so I did managed to collect a lot of great audio. I really surprised myself whilst creating this package because at first I thought I’d end up with a bog standard gig review just listing the songs they played and that being it but as time progressed and I gathered more audio and content, I realised that I could do a lot more with the package than intended. My creativity shone through and the use of actuality and music in this piece is varied and I make sure to also talk about the other bands that were at the event too and I also had a chat with the venue DJ who had some great contributions to the piece as a whole. I turned the piece around fairly quickly as stated in my daily blog from 3/3/14, and completed the Fjords package a day prior to broadcast so was once again well and truly organised and ahead of myself.


Please see below for clip:

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