Evaluation – Foodbank Message

27 Mar

As part of the exposure broadcast weeks, although we were in charge of a lot of production and presenting on the air, another duty of ours if we chose to partake was to help out with charity work. This year, exposure radio dedicated itself to the Cardiff Foodbank which was a worthy cause helping out people in need of emergency food rations. I was very heavily involved with this cause throughout the exposure journey and made sure to help out with the duties of getting people to donate but in this particular clip, I am demonstrating the extra mile that I went to get the message out there. In order to help the cause and raise awareness, I was responsible for creating a type of sponsor message to all of the university staff. This was something that I did to go over and above and to prove myself a worthy and dedicated member of the exposure team. As stated in my daily blog from 28/2/14, I scripted the piece myself and edited it efficiently and to a set deadline that was for the end of the day. This is just something a little extra that I’m proud of aswel as my radio shows that I produced. I was very passionate about helping this cause and I feel like my passion comes through in the presenting of it. I treated this as a very professional and important task as I was going to be the representative voice for the whole of exposure and the charity campaign so I really thought through about what I was going to say and did plenty of research on the Foodbank itself. I wanted the piece to come across as friendly and as warming as possible and I feel like the instrumental bed that I have underneath is fitting to the tone of the whole thing.


Clip below:


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