Evaluation – In The Spotlight Production

27 Mar

In The Spotlight was one of the shows on exposure that focused on a different theme everyday and for the show that I produced on March the 4th, the theme was all about music. Initially when I first found out I was producing this show, I made a mistake of thinking that my theme for the show was all about sport so went ahead and fully planned sports related content. It wasn’t until later I realised the mistake and so needed to change the whole thing. When I found out that I was infact doing a show all about music, I was thrilled because music is a big passion of mine and so I felt like this was something I could make the most of. In the run up to this show, I feel like I was fully prepared in terms of my running orders and script. I made sure to fill the show with everything related to music and was very focused on the theme of the show. I was happy with the content that went out as it was all extremely relevant to what the show was about and my presenter Holly always made sure to remind the listeners that the show was exploring all things music. Looking and listening back to the show, I’m fairly happy with the way that the show was broadcast in terms of my production skills. The clip that I have chosen particularly highlights my production skills with the introduction of a menu at the start of the show. During exposure, this is something new that I came to learn about during the two weeks and so I inputed it into my in the spotlight show. I put a music bed underneath my presenter and also made sure to show a preview of what was coming up. In the scheme of technical things, all clips were played out smoothly and microphone levels were under control and I feel like the show had a good flow to it but unfortunately at the time of broadcast, I was under a lot of pressure because my main live guests who were meant to come in for the ending of the show didn’t turn up on time. I’m glad that I slotted them in at the end because this meant there was still time to play with but unfortunately by the time they turned up the show was over. This put me in a difficult position as I really wanted to wait for them to arrive so they could be a part of the show but as I write about in my daily blog from 4/3/14, I made the call as a producer to fill the time with an extra song and to finish the show without my intended guests. It all worked out in the end I was able to do a pre-recorded interview them anyway but obviously at the time this was a very deflating feeling. I remember feeling disappointed with the show after it was finished all because of this situation but looking back, I feel like I should be proud of the show regardless because it still ran smoothly and matched the criteria of what needed to go in it. There were some great live segments with some of the exposure team such as Helens live album reviews and I think this is one of the highlights of the show. Holly and Helen really flowed well together and it made for great radio. I was thoroughly happy with the presenting side of things from Holly. She did a fantastic job in also coping under the pressure of not having our final guest and adapted to very last minute changes. I tried my best to stay calm and because of this Holly said it made her feel calm. As a radio producer, it is important to be in control and calm of your show and I believe in turn this benefited the atmosphere and the vibe of the show.

Clip below:


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