Evaluation – Legacy Piece

27 Mar

As the exposure journey neared the end, we were all required to create a short legacy piece all about our time spent completing exposure radio and perhaps what legacy we would leave. This was a piece that needed to be full of pure honesty and heartfelt thoughts so as I sat down to think up of how I wanted it to sound, I had a listen to some of the previous graduate pieces that were on the Exposure Radio mixcloud. I felt thoroughly inspired by previous exposure member Adam Diouri’s piece as it was so fun and thoughtful. I’m a keen lyric writer so the idea of making some form of song or a poem that would be portraying a part of my personality was my aim. The preparation to nail the scripting of this piece took a while as I wanted it to sound perfect. I feel like the piece itself is touching and is a tribute to the people I worked alongside with but in hindsight, I learnt that this may not have appealed to our target audience because they wouldn’t have understood what or who I was talking about. If there was one thing I would’ve changed about it, I would have tried to stick to the brief of ‘legacy’ a bit more and maybe spoke more about what I would like to leave behind. As demonstrated in the clip, I used an instrumental bed underneath the presentation of the piece to fit the solemn tone. I feel that my recording and editing of this piece was up to professional standards and I find editing to be one of my strengths. It’s something that I can focus on and do efficiently in a decent amount of time. Referring to my daily blog from 5/3/14, I proved my time managing skills whilst making this piece as I submitted it two days early ready for the broadcast on Friday 7th of March. Time management and sticking to deadlines is certainly something that I feel I am very strong at as a producer. I always make sure to prioritize tasks and get them done to the best of my ability and there are many example of this in my exposure work, again looking at my daily blog from 5/3/14, I also completed clips for Kath and Shauna’s ‘best of exposure’ show that also broadcast on Friday the 7th March. I was organised, prepared and focused in getting the job done and proving myself as a strong candidate of the group.

Clip below:


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