Evaluation – Multiplatform Content

27 Mar

As a radio producer, one of the vital skills in being a good producer is to be able to work efficiently on your own but to also work collaboratively as a team. Although I was a part of exposure radio, I did also collaborate with the exposure TV students in creating multi platform content for the exposure brand as a whole. The group that I was a part of decided to go along the theme of tea and so I was to be in charge of producing the radio side of ‘time for tea’ that was broadcast on Tuesday the 25th of February. My responsibilities included scripting the show and realistically padding out our content into the form of a radio show. Individually, we had all made contributions to this project with Paul Keenan making a tea soundscape, Ben Astell interviewing the chairman of the UK tea council and myself looking into the subject of Tea vs. Coffee. We covered a variety of topics within the show so content was to a high standard but in order to substantiate the content and make the show interesting, there needed to be something extra and this is where collaborative team work came into force again when me and Paul discussed doing a live tea test on the day. This would make for a fun segment in the show and initially we were going to get the exposure TV students to take part so that we could integrate them into the radio aspect of things but unfortunately they were unable to make it so we got Ben and Rachel to take part. As producer, I needed this to have a very structured schedule in order for it to work properly so I assigned Kath and Eimear to organise the hot water and the tea bags for the tea test. I made sure that they were in the studio at a specific time in order for the show to run smoothly and on time and thankfully it did. The tea test as demonstrated in this particular clip made great radio and this was certainly a highlight of the show for me. I think individually our creativity certainly shone through in the content that was created. In my particular Tea vs. Coffee package, I interviewed an owner of an independent coffee shop. I don’t feel like this was my strongest piece in terms of creativity as I could’ve done a lot more with the package in terms of editing and questions for the interviewee, but it did certainly work for the target audience as it was extremely relevant to the type of show we were presenting and also it was a Cardiff based coffee shop that I attended that would’ve perhaps been widely known to many. As stated in my daily blog from 25/2/14, Paul did a fantastic job in presenting and I think his confidence grew as the show went on. Paul specifically praised me for giving him confidence throughout the broadcast by telling him that he was doing a good job at presenting. He said that communication was good between us and he was thoroughly happy with me as a producer. In the professional industry, having confidence in one another whilst working in a team is vital. Radio presenters like Nick Grimshaw wouldn’t exude their confidence if it wasn’t for the team that he has around him.


Clip link below:


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