Evaluation – News Production

27 Mar

In the second week of exposure radio, we were joined by the journalism students who provided us with the news. The 1:00-1:05pm news bulletin was the very first of the week and it was certainly a learning curve. As spoken about in my daily blog from 3/3/14, this was a very stressful moment of the day as I was only informed 10 minutes before being on the air that I was needed to help produce the news. It was certainly a challenge as we were so limited on time and needed all of the audio files to be up on the system. Scripts were printed by the journalism crew 5-10 minutes before needing to go on the air so this made everything a little hectic. Regardless, as a producer, I managed to put myself into action and get the job done to a decent standard. Eimear was the presenter of the news and I was in charge of her microphone and also directing her of when she needed to come back on the air to read a news story. We established a system of counting down from 5 and this seemed to run quite smoothly. I think the most challenging thing was trying to keep up to date with the script and all of the clips that needed to be broadcast as the news bulletin went along at quite a fast pace. Thankfully, I managed to play all of the clips with no issues so I was fairly on top of things when it came to the running order of the news but what I did make mistakes on was the use of the microphone. Sometimes as a producer, it’s quite hard to keep an eye on everything at the same time and therefore there would be times when I forgot to put the microphone down or the levels would be too high. Overall, I was fairly happy that we managed to get through the news bulletin itself without any major difficulties. Referring back to my blog from 3/3/14, it proves that I was able to cope under the pressure at crucial times and was able to handle the situation calmly. As a radio producer, you need to be able to work as part of a team and me and Eimear worked very well together at this time. I was praised by Eimear for handling everything calmly and helping her out so this was a rewarding feeling.


Clip below:


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