Evaluation – Secret Cardiff

27 Mar

A pre recorded feature that we included in each afternoon delight show was one labeled ‘Secret Cardiff’. The purpose of this piece was to explore into some of the highlights of the city of Cardiff that perhaps no one is aware of. As a girl who comes from a family of some Cardiff decent, I’ve always known about Cardiff’s unique delicacy of the Clark’s pie so thought this would be a great family business to look into. The idea was discussed in class amongst my coursemates and after asking them the vital question ‘do you know what a clarks pie is?’ , it became apparent that no one knew what it was. This was confirmation for me that it was certainly eligible for a ‘secret cardiff’ title. Although I was excited to venture into the history of Clark’s pies, I had initial fears that the people of Clark’s pies would be difficult to get a hold of or take part but after sending one email, they were very responsive and happy to be on board so sourcing interviewees was not a problem. As stated in my module blog from 17/2/14, I got a lot more out of the interview than I expected. The establishment were extremely friendly and they were more than willing to give me a tour of the kitchen where everything was made. I was very happy with the content I got from the shop itself and the variation of audio that I provided including actuality and additional voices. My interviewee was one of the Clark’s pies delivery drivers and he was a great contributor. I made sure to make him feel at ease and go through the questions beforehand. I spent a while hanging around the shop before interviewing the delivery driver so it gave me an opportunity to chat to the shop staff and to wander the premises. I feel like this opportunity gave me a clearer view of the Clark’s pie family business and made me really think about how I wanted the package to sound like. I worked hard to edit and complete this package for the specific deadline and was fairly happy with the outcome of it, but if I could’ve improved it, I think I would have tried to focus more on the Clark’s pie itself. I spent a lot of time asking about the family business and what was coming up for them but I never really went into detail about the delicacy itself which probably should’ve been explained clearer to the target audience who like many, may not have known what a Clark’s pie was.


Clip below:

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