Evaluation – Specialist Music Programme – Demi Lovato

27 Mar

Another one of our pre recorded items that we made for exposure radio was a specialist music programme and for mine, I decided to dedicate it to singer and songwriter Demi Lovato. I was thoroughly excited to get going on this particular production as music is a huge passion of mine and Demi Lovato is one of my role models. The idea I had for this show was to go through the music catalogue of Demi Lovato and to go through a chronological order of her discography. I wanted to bring in information about her career and life so far that were relatable to the songs so I made sure to do plenty of research before hand to find out some facts and as stated in my module blog from 17/2/14, it was certainly a very time consuming task writing up the script and running order. I wanted to keep the facts pretty simple because for our target audience, not everyone is necessarily going to be a Demi Lovato super fan so it’s always best to get the listeners up to date in a simple and effective way. I didn’t want to overload listeners with too much information that wouldn’t interest them. It was almost like a beginners guide to Demi and her music but what I also wanted to bring across was my pure passion for her music and the message that she delivers as an artist. I was praised in my feedback from my peers about the passion I displayed in this show and when I listen back to it myself, I feel a sense of pride because I really opened up about why I picked her and what she meant to me. Bringing in the personal element always makes for good radio and I was happy to bring in my personality to the show. As demonstrated in the clip, I spoke a lot about the personal struggles that Demi went through including self harm and bulimia. I was very aware that this is an extremely touchy subject to many so I made sure to speak about it in a subtle and respectable way. I feel like this brought a different angle to the type of programme it was, instead of just talking about the songs, I felt it important to talk about the real life side of things. Although I was very happy with the structure and the content of the show, as stated in the feedback I received, I could’ve certainly branched out more in terms of my technical and production skills by fading up music at different times and also sourcing outside sources to be a part of the show. Ideally, I would have loved to have brought a Demi fan into the studio to share their passion with me throughout the show. I also could’ve done with some jingles placed throughout the show but apart from that, this is a production that I am extremely proud of. I feel that it makes very good radio listening and I always had the listener in mind whilst presenting the show.


Clip link below:

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