Evaluation – Stories Behind The Songs Production

27 Mar

Prior to the two week exposure broadcast, we were all required to create pre-recorded content ready for our live broadcasts. One of these shows was our take on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs which was called Stories Behind The Songs. Sourcing a guest was task number one and I decided to choose Gemma Conde, a PA and events assistant who works for a music label run by Charlotte Church. I knew of Gemma in the past and was aware that she was heavily involved with music being a part of the Cardiff university music society and so I picked her because I knew she’d be a great guest who would have a great and varied music taste. Gemma was very keen and pleased that I’d asked her to take part so getting her on board wasn’t a problem. I spoke to Gemma a few times prior to the day of recording just briefing her on what the programme was and telling her that she’d need to pick 5-6 songs to talk about. I made sure that she chose more songs than what was possibly needed just incase time needed to be filled so I was certainly thinking ahead as a producer. This type of programme was quite an exciting one to approach because there wasn’t too much revealed prior to recording apart from her song choices so it was interesting to see what she was going to say. I made sure to prepare Helen, my presenter for the show, in advance and we sat down together to go through the running of the show. In this clip in particular, Helen is talking to Gemma about her second song choice from a band called 30 Seconds To Mars. I knew of this band so helped Helen out with some topics of conversation she could bring up whilst talking to Gemma about it, in this case, chatting about the lead singer Jared Leto who was recently heavily involved in the film industry. I did my duty as a producer to inform my presenter of all the relevant information that was needed and we worked very well as a team. Referring back to my module blog from 17/2/14, I made sure to equip Helen with a script and a clear understanding of what was going to happen. On the script, I generally just wrote bulletin points and short sentences that Helen could go off. In this type of programme, I don’t think it can be heavily scripted as it needs to be quite natural conversation throughout. Because of this decision I made, it resulted in the show flowing more naturally. Helen and Gemma got on very well and there was no awkwardness between guest and presenter. There were no technical difficulties during this recording and generally the show ran quite smoothly. If I could’ve done the show again, I probably would have been a bit more adventurous in my production skills and put some jingles in the show or maybe left more time for Gemma to talk but apart from that, I’m happy with the standard of the show as a whole.


Clip below:

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