Evaluation – Topical Debate Programme

27 Mar

One of the most challenging tasks that I find as a producer is getting guests to interview and to come into the studio so when it came around to the time of making a live topical debate programme, I was certainly faced with fear as I knew I needed to get a decent panel of people to come in all at the same time. After much effort and organizing, I was finally able to accumulate guests who were willing to come in for half hour to discuss the important topic of bullying. The ideal panel of guests for me was to be a varied one including a student who had been previously been bullied, someone in a professional capacity of the bullying nature (i.e – an anti bullying campaigner) and also an additional guest who could shed a different angle such as counseling or school issues. I was extremely happy with my choice of guests who all matched this criteria and I feel like they all made great points and had plenty of input in the debate. I was praised for the finding of some of my guests from my peers so this was a rewarding feeling as a producer. I was anxious to see how the panel would gel but thankfully everyone got on well and generated plenty of debate between them. One thing that I made sure Will did was to equally distribute questions to all of our guests. I was inspired by BBC Radio 4’s Victoria Derbyshire who regularly hosts panel debates with her guests and I’ve always noticed when listening to her presenting, that she takes it in turn to let each individual guests speak and I feel like this gives the debate a decent structure to work around. Of course, there were moments when the guests chimed in at different points with their opinion but on the whole,I was happy for Will to conduct the debate by asking the guests different types of questions and precisely following an order. As stated in my module blog from 17/2/14, I was very happy with the way Will presented the debate programme. I had seen Will conduct a debate show in a previous Exposure show and knew he would be the right person for the job. I did my duty as producer to brief him with a series of questions and facts that he could use and he also used his initiative at times to think up of questions on the spot. The production as a whole was a really good one on the day of recording. All guests showed up relatively on time and my timings were within the restrictions. The feedback I received for my pre recorded packages that were put into the topical debate programme were mixed and I could see after that they probably needed a bit more work. As I was so focused on sorting my guests and the structure of the show, I think I put less effort into my packages that needed to be in the show. In hindsight, this definitely taught me a lesson in dedicating as much time and effort into the content of the show as much as the structure and presenting of it. Overall, I am happy with the end result and feel like it sent out the right message of anti bullying awareness.


Clip below:


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