Radio Listening – Chris Evans Breakfast Show – The Best Bits

16 Apr

Something that I listened to recently was a podcast of Chris Evans’ breakfast show best bits. The show which aired on Friday the 4th of April included the likes of Kylie Minogue, Aloe Blacc and Russell Crowe. The podcast highlighted some of the best bits of Chris’ energetic show that was very entertainment filled like any other morning show would be and I was very impressed with his presenting skills. Chris Evans is the perfect person for a morning show. His amped up and high energy tone really sets you off for your day and he makes you feel welcome once you tune in. He is a very genuine presenter and you can see this from his interaction with the people on his show. A segment at the start saw the listeners ringing into the show and he makes sure to get everyone involved with their views. Whilst interviewing Russell Crowe, it made for a very enjoyable listen because he was getting the best out of his guest. It was a very natural conversation with Russell and he tried to bring humour into it. A genuine interest is shown in Russell’s acting career and although he stays professional in asking the relevant questions about his recent film, he still makes it fun. Although the podcast was all chopped together quite quickly with fast paced edits and music changes, the show as a whole was very entertaining and light to listen to. 


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