Radio Listening – Professor Green: Suicide Survivors

16 Apr

One of the most inspiring pieces of radio that I recently listened to was BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Stories ‘Suicide Survivors with Professor Green’. This was a show that aired back in January 2014 but I only recently got around to listening to it on iPlayer. I’d heard good things about this show so decided to take a listen and I wasn’t disappointed. The show which delved into the topic of suicide looked at both sides of the story. Rapper professor green spoke about his experiences with his father’s suicide and how it effected him but also spoke with a ‘suicide survivor’ called Emma who throughout the show spoke of her experiences in overcoming an attempt on ending her life. The show was broken up with songs and interesting contributions from a doctor who delved into the psychiatric side of things. It was a very balanced show that really explored different sides of this sensitive topic. I feel like it was handled very carefully and professor green made sure to warn listeners before getting into the debate that it could be too much for some people. Throughout the show, there were always signposts about helplines and places you could go to if you needed help with this particular issue which was very mindful for the viewers. Although the topic and the stories were obviously quite sad, it was generally quite a positive and inspiring show to listen to. It would always be brought back about how differently people deal with this type of thing and how strong Emma was in her struggles. It was an emotional journey which took the listener through struggles,hardships and redemption. The use of a rapper as the presenter was intriguing because this is a serious topic that usually wouldn’t see such musicians delving into but with it being Radio 1 Xtra, they used the right person for their demographic and always made sure to bring the music into it. Professor green told stories about how music helped him through his struggles and it was something nice to balance out the nature of the programme. The honesty and rawness of this show was what drew me in the most. It almost felt like I was sitting in on a private therapy session between Professor green, Emma and the doctor. It was gripping radio and the message that it sent overall was truly inspiring for listeners and those out there who have struggled with the same problem.


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