Radio Listening – Stephen Fry: Gay on the inside

16 Apr

Another interesting piece of radio that I listened to recently was a documentary from BBC Radio 4 that was presented by Stephen Fry all about being gay inside a prison. It was a very eye opening documentary that spoke to a number of people about the topic of homosexuality in prisons and the majority of voices in this documentary were inmates of prisons and their experiences of being gay whilst in prison. The style of this documentary was fairly simple in which Stephen Fry presented lots of different individuals throughout and basically was there to fill the gaps in between. I thought it was good that Stephen Fry didn’t have a major presenting role in it and it was very much a case of letting the inmates tell the stories themselves. He showed respect to the people who had opposing views and seemed genuinely interested in what they had to say. It was a very intimate documentary where contributors really went into detail about what they have been through in prison in terms of relationships,etc and what I liked about it was the variation. Not only was there a variation in locations and accents of the people (Wales,Liverpool,London) but there was a divide in the documentary between men and women. Stephen Fry spoke about the differences there are for men and women in this particular topic and I like that it catered for both gender audiences. The documentary showcased some really great personalities and I liked how descriptive Stephen Fry was when setting the scene. About 9 minutes in to the documentary, he entered the women’s prison and was very descriptive about what he could see. This mixed in with the actuality and wildtrack sounds was very impressive and as a listener, I felt like I was there with him. There were lots of interesting stories told throughout the documentary and one of the most intriguing ones I found was with Suzie who spoke about how on the outside of jail she is in a relationship with a man but inside prison she had relations with women. Overall, this documentary was very informative to someone who knew nothing about this topic and it covered both positive and negative aspects of the topic.


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