Reflection – Another Day,Another Dimension – Dr Who Project in association with Coryton Primary School

16 Apr

The Dr.Who project was certainly one of the biggest productions that I have been a part of so far and collaborating with a local primary school was a lot of fun. The aim of this project was to create a short film based on the popular series Dr.Who and to get the children of Coryton Primary School as involved as possible. The process of this project started off with slight confusion because of a lack of communications from producers, but after establishing grounds, I got myself fully into the project. I took on a number of roles during this production including runner duties,working on the boom pole/sound,helping with costumes and makeup,being in charge of the clapper board and also partaking in some photography on set. I was generally the person who helped out on the days of filming and also prior to filming I would complete tasks such as painting sets like the tardis and also setting up scenes with other crew members before filming started.


This project gave me both sides of the spectrum, being able to work alongside my co-workers and crew but also really getting involved with the children and the staff of the school. The children were very involved in this project with some of them even helping out with makeup on the days of filming. It was rewarding to see them gaining so much from the experience and at the same time I was learning lots of new things along the way. As a radio student, I’m always very much radio orientated so I wanted to expand my skills into other aspects of the media. I had previously studied media production in my first year so was already familiar with the television side of things but actually working on a film production was something that I’d never done. I got the opportunity to work on different locations like our university’s television studio, the big pit museum and also a cafe in Whitchurch. Although filming days were quite long, they were also very fun and I found myself learning so much on the day. I was interested in seeing how all of the aspects of the production worked and got to have a go at all sorts which made me develop in my skills. I realised that I was able to work independently whilst completing certain tasks on this project and that I was a reliable person that was able to be used if needed to. There were also many times that I would work alongside other crew members in order to help them, for example whilst filming at big pit, I became the sound assistant for the day working alongside a camera operative so as the day went on, I found myself asking questions and finding out more about how the cameras worked too.


This project was a very hands on one and it certainly gave me an insight into film production and the sheer effort that goes into making one. There was quite an extensive crew of people so it was interesting to see how so many different areas of the production came together with set designers, documentary filmmakers and music composers. I feel like I made a conscious effort in this project and certainly worked hard on the days that I was needed in making sure I could help out in any way wether it was a small task or a major one.

 IMG_9211 IMG_9275IMG_9426

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