With the bad, comes the good!

17 Jul

Well well ladies and gentlemen. What a strange few days it’s been. I’ve gone from having bad news to good news within the space of days and hours.

It’s been an up and down week in general and sadly the media job hunt was welcomed with bad news on Wednesday morning, with an email saying I was unsuccessful in a marketing & press internship with the Welsh National Opera. I was a bit gutted because I would’ve loved to have got the chance to be a part of it but then came some good news within minutes about a possible work experience placement with a well known events and PR management company in Cardiff. Tomorrow I meet with one of the directors to see if we can organise some work or a schedule so it’s a very nerve wracking and exciting time!

Today was another strange day, with a bad start to the day with lots of things going wrong at home but then as if by magic, luck came back to me and I was messaged by my previous course leader from university to inform me that I had won an award as the ‘most improved student’ on my radio course at university. Words can’t describe how thrilled I am! It’s 12:30am as I type this and I’m still over the moon. I can happily say it truly made my week and I’m so honoured to have received such a great accolade. It goes to show that hard work and perseverance really does pay off so take it as a motivation folks! I’d also just like to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am to be here,happy,healthy and alive on this earth to accept such a great thing. I say this in light of the sad tragedy that has occurred earlier today regarding the Malaysian Airlines disaster. My thoughts go out to all of the victims and families of loved ones.

Hopefully within the next few days i’ll be able to update you on whats going on with this possible work experience. I don’t want to jinx anything just yet so fingers crossed it all goes well.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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