I’m back!

9 Sep

Hello one and all! I hope everyone is well.

Apologies for lack of blogging in the past 7-8 weeks. I thought I was going to continue blogging throughout my work experience but my dedication was lacking and for that I apologise.
It was quite tricky blogging through the work experience as I would go from being rather busy to not having a lot to do so I didn’t see the point in having an up and down kinda blog.

I thought let’s wait a while, do a mahoosive update and then move on to the next chapter!

So my work experience was pretty varied. I learnt a lot about marketing and PR in the media and how certain companies sell their events to the public and what gets done to get the press attention they need. I learnt a bit more about general admin work, like emailing,taking calls and sending letters so that was pretty good. But the ultimate highlight for me on the work experience was definitely getting the opportunity to work a music concert/festival.

Live @ The Corran is a new music event that takes place at the beautiful Corran Spa and Hotel in Laugharne (the home of Dylan Thomas!) in West Wales. It really is a breathtaking place to stay, surrounded by beautiful greenery, mountains and hills. It was a stunning backdrop to an eventful musical night. The headlining act was the epic Sister Sledge. Now before this project kicked off, I’d definitely heard of sister sledge in the past but only really knew who they were when someone mentioned that they sang “We are family”. Never the less, over the coming weeks I got more familiar with their music and was getting very excited to work the concert. The festival was supported by other 80s esque groups/artists such as The Real Thing and Mica Paris and there was also a handful of great local talent with names like The Raspberry Jams, The Lost Tuesday Society and Aaron.

The experience was a crazy one to say the least! My main job was to be an artist liaison/event co-ordinator. The company that I worked for were basically the people in charge of getting it all running smoothly by completing tasks like setting up the chairs for the events, sorting VIP/hospitality passes out, putting out information signs and then ultimately gathering all of the band members and artists and GETTING THEM TO THAT DARN STAGE!

Rowan,Me and Yasmin - The runner dream team!

Rowan,Me and Yasmin – The runner dream team!

I felt rather professional with my Clipboard,my Access All Areas pass and my walkie talkie attached to me. The walkie talkie was going off all day. “Megan to George, I am en route to the backstage marquee with Sister Sledge band… roger? over!” It was all very profesh!

I was running around like a headless chicken most of the day because there were a million and one things to do but I was on such a buzz and had so much adrenaline that I didn’t come crashing down until the very end. We had started our day at 8 in the morning and at approx 10pm is when I got the final act to the stage. At this point, my feet were bleeding and blisters were all over them! I was at limping stages and the energy was sucked out of me. Being able to rest with my family for half hour and watching Sister Sledge though made it all worth it. Getting the opportunity to then stand stage side whilst Sister Sledge performed We are family was the pinnacle point. Something to be ticked off the list and a memory I’ll always remember.

My AAA Pass!

My AAA Pass!

It was an awesome experience that I was very grateful for and it certainly gave me the experience I wanted in terms of being a runner,etc. It’s work that I’ve been wanting to gain experience in for a long time and it’s got me on the next stepping stone.

Now I’ve finished my work placement and sadly it’s back to unemployment! I’m trying my best to get something that will pay as I really can’t afford to keep doing voluntary work. I don’t really know where my journey will take me next but I’m sure when I found out I’ll be back here to update you on it in another big blog post!

Thanks for reading!
Chow for now x

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