That Bitch Bulimia

10 Oct

Great article following on from my #WorldMentalHealthDay post!

When you suffer from an addiction which threatens your health, and you’re lucky enough to be offered support, it is encouraged, that you cut out whatever it is you’re addicted to.

It’s very straight forward.

An alcoholic is told to stop drinking. They are discouraged from visiting anywhere which might sell or promote the consumption of alcohol, at least until they are well enough to be in those kinda social environments. This can take months, or years. Sometimes they may never feel strong enough to visit a bar an order a lime soda, whilst their friends sip pints. And that can be ok, because there are other more suitable venues which might be safer for them, a coffee shop, or a cafe for example.

A drug abuser is offered medicine to help ease them down from their addiction. They too are encouraged to avoid situations which might lead to substance use, or trigger a re-lapse.


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