Big Music, Plan B and Bags of Potential

16 Oct

Thank you to the big lottery fund for including my blog on their site!

The Big Lottery Fund Wales Blog

Around 1,000 young people attended the Big Music Project event at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff on Saturday 11th October. Supported by the Big Lottery Fund, The Big Music Project is a free music industry event offering young people the chance to network with music industry experts and special guests including PlanB. It offers master classes, workshops and seminars with people experienced in the music industry and our Communications Officer Rhian Richards was among the guests:

Young people enjoying learning music skills on computers Young people learn new skills

On Saturday morning my alarm went off at 8:30am.

Annoyed and a little bleary eyed I wondered what my alarm was doing waking me so early on the weekend.  Then I remembered; today I get to work at the Big Music Project live in Cardiff!!

Excited and a little nervous I jumped out of bed, and started getting ready.

I have been working for the Big Lottery Fund as…

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