Body Confidence!

16 Nov

Hello everyone! Apologies for a slightly later blog post this week but it’s just been one of those weeks! In all honesty, today has been a bit of a naff day and I’ve been feeling poopy throughout the day but isn’t it great when the tiniest thing can switch your mood and inspire you?!

It came from this gem of a video from Radio 1 DJ and broadcaster Jameela Jamil. I stumbled across the video via Twitter when Demi Lovato posted about it. Both of these ladies in the public eye are major advocates for body confidence and mental health issues and I honestly felt so inspired after seeing the video that I thought it would be a great topic to discuss.

The video shows an inspiring speech from Jameela Jamil at The House of Commons about how society and the media really need to basically get a grip on how we perceive people and their looks. She summed up how ridiculous it is that magazines still poison us with images of what the ‘perfect body’ is and every word she spoke was bloody brilliant in my opinion. The last line in particular was an absolute corker! (I’d highly recommend watching it!)

As someone who’s a size 18-20, and who’s always been quite a big girl, I’ve always grown up quite self conscious about my body and whilst in school I did get bullied because of it. I grew up in a society that was, and still is obsessed with body image. As your average girly teenager, I enjoyed most typical things like having sleepovers, watching movies and reading magazines and I’d occasionally grab myself a copy of Heat magazine or whatever the latest ‘gossip’ magazine at the time was. Without fail, every copy of those magazines I was consumed with always had bold headlines that forever read “NEW BIKINI BODY PICS!”, “HOW TO GET YOUR PERFECT SUMMER BOD!” and “KERRY KATONA PUTS ON 10 POUNDS” amongst many other ridiculous headlines. I feel this was a time where celebrity culture was at a massive peak and all you ever saw were things on the tv about being famous, being a model or clothes and fashion must haves. To this day, celebrities are nit picked about what they wear and are constantly compared with each other in articles titled “Who looked better?” and it was still the same back when I was a teenager. In school, if you weren’t one of the ‘skinny’ popular girls it was as if you were invisible and you were doomed to be boyfriend-less or ‘not cool’. These ‘skinny’ girls were a size 8-10 and in reality it’s really not an unhealthy size but at the time if you were anything over a size 10 you were deemed ‘fat’. It’s absolutely ridiculous when I look back and reflect at how judgmental and awful people were and it makes me sad to think that it’s pretty much the same in this day and age.


I’m honestly amazed that myself and others that I know have never suffered with things like an eating disorder due to the immense pressure that was always felt about how you looked. Mental illnesses and eating disorders are a scarily common thing amongst men and women in the 21st century with 1.6million people in the UK suffering with either anorexia or bulimia. I’ve seen the devastating effects that an eating disorder can have on someone and it’s truly horrific that people ‘glorify’ it as if it’s a healthy and normal thing. Many clothing designers only make clothes for super thin models and although you do occasionally see the odd ‘plus sized’ model, it’s still not a normalised thing. I still find myself having to wear clothes that are twice my size because us bigger and taller gals aren’t exactly considered when it comes to certain material clothes. (Honestly, I have a work blouse that looks like a bloody crop top on me…)

With social media being such a huge part of our lives, I feel like we’re even more smothered with pressures to be slim or have abs like a washboard. We see it all over instagram, twitter or Facebook, wether it’s a summer holiday bikini selfie or a post workout/gym selfie. I think it’s fair to say we’ve all had one of those moments when we’re scrolling through our newsfeeds and we immediately put ourselves down. I constantly see pictures and updates of everyones lives and quietly self doubt myself with whatever it is that’s going on in my own life. But 5 minutes later I look at myself and think “get a bloody grip meg, there’s nothing wrong with you!”.

As a generation, we’re just poisoned by these ‘ideals’ of what we should or shouldn’t do and it’s about time we turned things around! It’s not even about someone being ‘skinny’ anymore because so what if someones ‘skinny’. We all have different body shapes and sizes. Someone can be naturally very skinny but that doesn’t make them unhealthy. The same goes for bigger and ‘curvier’ folk. Just because someones clothes size may have double figures, it doesn’t mean that they’re on the verge of a heart attack. I’m all for everyone having their opinion on healthy living and of course, if you eat healthier and don’t weigh 500 pounds then there’s a possibility that your life expectancy will certainly be longer but practically being a walking skeleton with no body to support you is no image that should be ‘looked up to’.

It’s so refreshing when people in the public eye are so open and honest about their personal struggles like Jameela Jamil and Demi Lovato have been. They are the type of people who have a major following and influence on young people and with their positive messages being sent across the nation, it feels like a change is on the horizon.

As I’ve grown up and gone through personal struggles myself and dealt with mental illness, I’ve learnt how to be strong and to not let people’s ideals and opinions get to me. I choose to consume myself with videos and blogs that ooze strength and confidence instead of buying trashy gossip magazines and watching the kartrashians. I see role models around me within my family and within the public eye and they make me want to be a strong and confident woman who doesn’t need to go through life being defined by a so called journalist or social media. All I can hope for is that young girls and boys all around the world can begin to feel this way and see past the nonsense.

So wether you’re slim and sexy or big and beautiful, do whatever it is that makes YOU feel comfortable and don’t succumb to ‘society’s’ view of what you should look like. Be an inspiration to those around you and work what your mamma gave ya!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now! x

**cover/featured image courtesy of google images**

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