Men’s health: Movember!

23 Nov

Hello everyone! How are we all? Hope you’re all well!

It’s a Sunday afternoon,the day of rest for many of us and I’m actually sat here staring at the calendar and thinking ‘ohhhhhhhh my god, it’s nearly the end of November’. Like, what?! Really?! Time has been flying by over the last few weeks and I’m actually gobsmacked that we’re nearly in December but before we move on to christmas festivities, I’m here today to talk about November, or MOvember as it’s very well known!

If none of you know what Movember is then where have you been?! Incase you’ve been hiding away in a cave, I’ll update you. It’s basically when the men of the world forget about their razors and shavers and let their faces grow monstrous moustaches. They all look mostly ridiculous (honestly, moustaches are not a good luck lads…) BUT they are in aid of a very important cause!!

As you may know from my previous blogs, I’m a major advocate for all things mental health but something that I don’t think gets covered enough is MEN’S health in particular. As a society we stereotype men to be strong and tough as if they have no emotions but it’s not the case. Men are humans too and they need just as much love and attention as any lady in the world! The aim of Movember is to ‘change the face of men’s health’ and I think it’s a great cause worth spreading the message about.

Movember was apparently started in 1999 in the land down under, in sunny Australia where a group of guys coined the phrase ‘Movember’ and thus moustaches were a trend! These days it’s made fairly popular by social media covering the whole thing and the world of sports tend to showcase a lot of interesting moustache styles when the rugby season is back on at this time of year. I’ve had friends in the past who’ve actively taken part in Movember and even as a girl I’ve been a part of it! (No I don’t grow my own moustache, it’s actually a thing called a ‘Mo sista!’ Look it up!)

rocking the fake moustache on a night out in November 2012!

Rocking the fake moustache on a night out in November 2012! Excuse the fact that I look like I’m on drugs or something…

I think that it’s so vitally important that men’s health has more awareness because believe it or not, when we’re looking at mental health statistics, although 72% of people treated for depression are female, 75% of people who take their own lives are actually male. Along with that, in 2012, out of a total of about 5000 suicides in the UK, about a whopping 4000 of them were male. There are a lot of scary facts that would probably give you the shock of your life when it comes to mens health. Not even just in mental health cases. Another important cause that Movember likes to tackle is that of prostate cancer. Did you know that in 2012, nearly 11 thousand men died of prostate cancer in the UK? These are the facts that we are not exposed to enough and I know that might sound a bit sick but in order for people to understand the severity and importance of it all, you’ve got to hear the facts!

I’m so glad that charities like Movember exist and that a change is being made. So ladies, although we may not like those furry little rodents lying on their face, let’s give it up for the men for making a change in the world! Let’s support the men of the world by donating or even just talking to them about their health. Word of mouth is where it began for those group of Australian men when they thought of Movember and look where it is now. If there are any men reading this then I salute you! Keep it up and don’t be afraid to open up to the world. We know you’re stereotyped to be a big tough guy who doesn’t let his feelings out, but come on now, it’s the 21st century, let’s change things!

If you want to know more about Movember or donate, then head over to their website here!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now! x

**cover/featured image courtesy of google images**

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