5 Things You Learn When Working in Retail

30 Nov

Hello everyone. How are we all? Hope you’re well. Today’s gonna be a bit of a quick blog as I’m trying my best to relax on a Sunday!

So here we are, nearing the end of November. I can’t believe it’s actually the 1st of December tomorrow. Everything is getting closer and closer. I have my graduation ceremony for university in 17 days, and of course christmas comes straight after. Sadly though, christmas will not be the same this year as this is the first christmas I get to experience working through the whole damn holiday. (yaaaaaaay, real life yaaaaaay.)

I’ve been working in retail for about 6 weeks now and it’s completely flown by. It’s been an alright job so far. The people I work with are all lovely and I get on quite well with most of the other staff. With retail changing the way it operates too, I only have to work 4 hour shifts a day which isn’t too straining as I get a couple hours rest in the evening and time to do bits and bobs but with it being the christmas holidays, sadly it means that hours are going up and busy times means more work! Which don’t get me wrong is fab for my bank account, but sometimes all you want at christmas is to be at home with your family and scoffing on endless chocolate.

I’ve worked in retail before this but only on a short term contract so if anything, this long term of work has certainly made me come to learn a few things about retail. If you too work in a shop then I hope you can relate to the things I’m talking about and can my feel my pain!

1. Feet. My poor poor worn out feet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 4 hour shift or an 8 hour shift, being on your feet for prolonged hours in naff, uncomfortable work shoes is not the one!! Sometimes a 2 minute toilet break sitting down is like a freaking DREAM!

2. Finding yourself actually dreaming and sleep talking about the things you do in work. “Would you like a gift receipt with that? Can I get you a bag? Yes, that will be 5p please. Oh I’m sorry you wanted the hanger? Oh bear with me one second whilst I go and look for your size. Would you like a gift receipt with that? Can I get your email address? Would you like a bag with that? Sorry, did you say you wanted a gift receipt for that?” OH MY GODDDDDDD. Honestly, there’s only so many times in a day that you can repeat those lines without going into a full blown mental breakdown. #SOS

3. Moody and scary old ladies who turn on you the minute you forget that one tiny thing they mentioned. “Oh I’m so sorry! I forgot you needed a bag, I’ll just grab that for you no-” *evil granny stare* followed by some rude comment under the breath……*GULP* (Like seriously, cmon lady!! People forget, people make mistakes! You’ve lived long enough to know it by now. Calm your tits!)

4. Returning items. Dear god, you’d think it would be the most simple thing in the world. OH NO. They don’t make anything easy for you these days. Ummmm, wait so you ordered that online, but you payed with your paypal account but you don’t have any I.D on you for us to do the procedure? OH FOR CHRIST SAKE. And the worst is when someone brings back an item WITHOUT their receipt and just expect you to magically return their money?! Honestly, do people think receipts are there just for fun? Excuse me whilst I continue making my DIY sunglasses out of receipts…

5. Last but not least. Saturday bloody shoppers. CURSE YOU ALLLLLLLL. (Especially Black Friday) Jeeeez, do we not permit anyone to have a weekend to themselves anymore!? It’s called online shopping people. Get on it.

So those have got to be the top 5 things I’ve learnt (to hate) since working in retail so let me know if you agreed with any of them! I don’t plan on staying in retail for long but I thought I mayaswel take some lessons from it by sharing it with the inter webs.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading and ciao for now! x

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