7 May

Hey hey hey gang! Just a quick one for ya….

So as you may have remembered, back in January, I wrote a snazzy blog detailing my fun Florida/Disney World adventures. (click HERE to recap!) I took my Sony camera with me on the trip and had fun snapping photos which I posted but whilst I was there I also got busy with my video skills! I had so much fun getting camera shots ready for making an awesome video diary. I think I drove my parents insane in the theme parks lagging behind every 5 minutes because I HAD to get a close up shot of EVERYTHING. (HD close ups of mickey mouse ice cream is important okay?!)

Fast forward a whole month after my adventure and I made a pretty cool video documenting it all. It felt like an absolute lifetime editing this project but I’m so glad I took the time to do it. I’m really proud of it and for an amateur camera person and editor, I think I’ve done pretty alright! I’d been meaning to post it to my blog a while ago but all sorts got in the way and I never uploaded it. So here you go! I hope you like the video and I’d really appreciate if you could thumbs up on YouTube or share etc.

Enjoy! Ciao for now xo


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