Guess who’s back…!

21 Jan

Well hello 2016!! Hello world, hello blog, hello hello hello!!


Dear god, it feels good to be back. Without sounding like a broken record, allow me to begin by sincerely apologising for my lack of blogging in the last few weeks. I am very unhappy with myself and my lack of effort on my blog and it’s time to change that! I’m sorry but life keeps getting in the way! No time for excuses anymore though. Time to put the graft in and actually keep active and be consistent with my blog so I hope you’ll stick with me!

So where to begin eh?! Well, 2015 has passed and what a strange year it was. I did actually manage to document a few little things during that year (remember the epic Florida adventure!? – Not forgetting fun times in Amsterdam!) but as usual, I think I got to about May and totally neglected my dear blog.

Fast forward to December 31st and as a standard on New Years Eve, I did take a few minutes to gather my thoughts about the year that had passed and it dawned on me that in one year, I had lived in 3 different houses, gone to 3 different countries and been in 3 different jobs! Why on earth did I not blog any of it!?! Let me just catch you up on what was missed and then we can start fresh okay?…

You may have remembered that I used to work in retail at the very start of 2015 and shortly after, I started working for a large UK supermarket as a tech support assistant on the phones. All went well in my second job and I was slowly plodding along whilst saving a little money so that I could finally move out into my own place.

With hard work and a lot of saving done, I did happily move to my own flat with my bezzie pal in the month of July which means I’m now residing in the fabulous Cardiff Bay and I must say, we’re bloody loving it! It already feels like I’ve been living here for a lifetime when in fact I’ve only been here for about 6 months! Whaaaat!?!

I loved the people that I worked with in my second job but sadly, now that I was joining the world of bills and rent (not covered by a student loan this time!!), I realised it was time to get cracking with a better paying job. Weirdly, by word of mouth, I heard of a job going at Disney! “Disney?!” I thought. Well, who could say no?! One telephone interview and an assessment day later, I bagged myself a job with Disney as a guest service advisor. The job was something that was totally under wraps up until a few weeks ago due to the fact that I was part of a brand new product launch which was the most frustrating thing ever not being able to post my selfies with Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. (Which I can now do woohooo! See picture below!)

Since beginning there in August, I’ve been promoted to a Data Analyst job which is now my current occupation. I can’t say it’s something I ever saw myself getting into but it’s paying my rent at the minute which is all that matters for now. I’ve had a fun time at Disney and I’ve met some great people.

So that brings us back around now to 2016 and boy am I happy to see it! The Christmas period of 2015 was long and dreary so I was very much glad to see the back of it. I’m feeling positive and productive in 2016 so far and have been actively going to the gym and working on myself even more. My new work friends encouraged me to get back onto the blogging and the singing side of things too so I’ve been trying to make an effort with some music covers which you can check out here. (plz share them or like them – kthxbye)

I’m going to be turning 23 later this year (gulp) and as I grow and grow each year, it gets me thinking more about what I want to do with my life. I’m at a point where I am fed up of boring office and shop jobs that have nothing to do with my interests and before long I think we’ll be seeing a lot of change going on – I can feel it!

I am passionate and enthusiastic to do more travelling in this coming year and I want to blog every moment of it! If there’s anything I’m living by this year, it’s to do more of what makes me happy and I highly suggest you follow the same motto. Life is too short to not do what you enjoy 🙂

So there we have it! I hope I’ve not bored you too much with this post – I know it’s a bit of a filler post but I felt it was important to update you all on what’s been going on.

Let’s smash 2016 and have some fun along the way!!

Ciao for now x



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