Review: “Bake at Home” – Rainbow Cookies!

7 Feb

Hello hello hello everyone! How are we!? I hope you’ve had a fabulous week. Here we are again, week 3 of my 2016 blogging and to my delight, I am here to share with you the joy of BAKING this week!

Baking is a hobby of mine and it’s definitely been passed on from my fabulous auntie who bakes the most amazing cakes! Now, I am no Mary Bezza but I’d like to say I make a pretty decent effort when it comes to making tasty treats. You may have remembered the epic gingerbread house back in 2014!? (Twas pretty amazeballs…)

So since moving to my flat last year, I can’t say I’ve exactly been blessed with the best of kitchens, therefore my baking has been majorly lacking in previous months BUT, it all changed the other day when I popped into an amazing little shop in Cardiff called Rossiters. I have to start by saying, OH MY GOOD GOD, WHAT A SHOP! Honestly guys, I could’ve bought the entire shop. It was the cutest shop with the cutest things and everything was just SO FREAKING CUTE. (muchos excitement.) As I was perusing around the fabulosity of Rossiters, I arrived in the ‘cooking’ segment of the shop where I instantly spotted a little jar filled with coloured smarties and ingredients. The label that read ‘RAINBOW COOKIES’ grabbed my attention quicker than a shirtless Zac Efron. (and we all know how beautiful that is!) I didn’t even need to process whether to buy it or not. There were only 2 on display so I clasped one under my arm and held onto it for dear life.

Fast forward a day later and I had the day off work so the excitement to make these cookies was rather high at this point. What better way to spend your day off!? Who needs Netflix and chill when you can Bake and chill? (except the ‘chill’ part just consisted of me licking the bowl of cookie dough to myself. lolz.)

Now, the fantastic thing about this particular product is that all of the ingredients you need are already measured out perfectly for you in a jar. The layers of sugar and flour are all prepared so all you need to do is add one egg and a few grams of butter! It’s definitely easy baking at home and sometimes you can’t ask for more. In my case, I have limited space in my kitchen for baking so this product was a godsend when all of it is pretty much done for you. It’s also definitely something that’s fantastic with kids because it’s so convenient and easy.

The baking process went quite smoothly thankfully! I did have to add a bit of flour to my mix due to the cookie dough being quite wet and sticky but in the end they turned out pretty darn good. I took some snazzy snaps of the progress so I hope you enjoy those and I’ll pop them below! I’d highly recommend trying one of these little things at some point if you have free time. It doesn’t take too much of your time but it’s a real fun thing to do and makes me feel like a kid again! Here at Megan Wigley’s blog, we’re all about the positivity and having fun so I couldn’t push this product enough!!

I’ve since been on the company’s website – – and they do have some beautiful looking products on there. It’s the best thing for first time bakers and they have all sorts from cupcake kits to baking utensil gift sets. The products range from the £7 mark for smaller baking gifts up to about £30 for hamper baskets so a pretty good deal if you ask me! I look forward to using more of these products again so maybe keep an eye about for some more baking blogs coming up in the near future!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and ciao for now! x

2 Responses to “Review: “Bake at Home” – Rainbow Cookies!”

  1. Cheryl February 8, 2016 at 9:24 pm #

    Wow- they look gorgeous Meg- hope you saved one for us!! Xx

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