Mental Health: Be Wise With Your Words.

21 Feb

Hello hello hello world! How are we? I hope you’re well! Apologies for the delay on this weeks blog. I’ve been down with the flu and not been feeling too slick but fear not, my trusty immune system has stopped being mean and is fighting me back to good health. Hurrah!

Time to get serious in this weeks blog and today I’m talking mental health. Oooooh, she went there! Don’t run away just yet kids – I’d like to think that what I have to say is of some importance and hopefully we can all learn something together.

So you wanna know what bugs me? I’ll tell you what bugs me. Every once in a while, when we’re all having a bad day in work or in our personal lives and it’s all going tits up, there are often one too many times that you hear the phrase: “Oh my god, I just want to kill myself.” or another popular one “I think I’d rather slit my wrists”. Very cut throat statements that have very big impacts. Well, to me they do anyway.

As you may have remembered, back in 2014 when it was World Mental Health Day, I shared a very personal story of my own regarding the struggles I’ve had with my mental health. (click here to read) Self harm and suicide is a really sensitive topic for myself so it really gets to me when people use it so freely like it’s a joke. The guffaws of laughter that come after such a statement baffles me. I know that most people really don’t mean any harm when they say it because sadly, that’s just the way society seems to go these days, but I’d love to see a change in the way we use our words on such sensitive issues.

In this day and age, I don’t think anyone would even dream to say something crass about someone’s sexuality or the colour of their skin. It’s just not acceptable anymore. I’ve certainly been guilty in the past of using the phrase ‘that’s so gay!’ and straight after I’ve said it, I feel so bad! I shouldn’t say it because it can be so disrespectful and I don’t wish to hurt someone. We’re at a time now where we’re all open and welcome to diversity, and the history books have come a long way to make that change. I strongly believe that the same needs to happen for mental health. We cannot stand by and slander mental health or joke about suicide. Regardless of whether you mean no harm – we need to stop and think about what we’re saying. Words are a powerful weapon and you never know what struggles someone has been through or is going through.

There are some fantastic charities and organizations out there for issues like self harm, depression and anxiety and the more we see the support systems the better!

I’d love to see everyone pledge to be wise with their words and really make a difference in this world, whether it’s a big or a small change – any change is better than none. So I hope that you can all take something from this blog this week and spread some kind words. Think before you speak next time and say something positive instead of something negative. I don’t want to be a crazy preacher but just want to voice some good!

If you’ve had similar experiences, let me know in the comments! 🙂

Thank you for reading and ciao for now x


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