“Just Keep Swimming” – Being at peace with yourself!

2 Aug

Hi blogging world. Apologies once again for the lack of blogging. Oh dear, there she goes again! Hashtag broken record. Honestly, I’m the worst. I kick myself in the teeth everytime I do this. I start my blog and I set out with a goal in mind of doing this weekly things but it just never happens. Clearly my downfall is consistency when it comes to blogging and for that I apologise! From now on, there will be no more deadline setting. I will blog when I feel and that’s that! And really this ties into my blog post today about feeling happy with yourself and feeling at peace.

You know, for a really long time, all I’ve ever done is try to please others. Look out for others, care for them, impress others and generally worry too much about what others think and quite frankly world, I’ve had enough!

The last few months have been pretty tough for me in my personal life with career highs and lows and my mental health definitely taking a tumble. It’s been a struggle and I’m being faced with new challenges every day and every week but as time passes by I feel a growing strength within me.

This week in particular, I’ve really been feeling at peace with myself which is the best feeling ever. Considering my circumstances could be a lot better at the moment, I am somehow handling it well!

It will probably sound so silly to some but I had an inspiring moment this past weekend when I went to see Finding Dory in the cinemas! (Seriously, you NEED TO SEE IT!!!) The famous quote that comes from the film is ‘Just Keep Swimming’ and my god what a simple yet genius statement. When life gets you down, you really do just need to keep swimming! It can seem so so hard at times but eventually you reach a point where you can just accept what’s happening and choose to process and deal with it.

I’ve had that within myself this week and one of the key contributors to it has been having time by myself. It’s been good to be selfish and spend time by myself. I’ve truly accepted to stop caring about others who don’t care about me. I’ve gotten into a really nice relaxing ritual at nighttime involving face masks and candles which has relaxed me to a level I never thought possible and for that I’d like to thank the candle gods! ❀️

I know that I may find this routine a struggle in the next few weeks as my work pattern gets juggled all over the place but it’s nice to know I’ve found a place where I can feel serenity and peace on my own.

For so long, I’ve tried to find that happiness and peace within others but it’s just not possible to get it that way. You’ve got to get digging deep and find it within yourself (cheese alert soz).

So I guess all I really wanted to get out of this blog was a positive message that it’ll all be fine and to keep on keeping on. Find what makes you feel happy and relaxed and take the time to do it! Self care is so important so stop wasting your energy on things that mean nothing to you and do more of what makes you happy!

Thank you for reading.

Ciao for now x 



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