Life tip: Take a break!

27 Aug

No folks, this is not a sponsored blog about kit kats but another philosophical blog entry about keeping on top of your mental health and looking after yourself!

The last few weeks have been really really hard for me personally due to a lot of different reasons. I’ve faced a lot of challenges including being made redundant from my job, losing friends and facing a deterioration in my mental health. My depression creeped up on me really bad again and I felt like there was no way out. This time, I made a trip to the doctors and tried antidepressants which is not something I ever thought I’d need to do. I’ve always been able to pick myself up with a strong mind but for a short period of time there was just absolutely nothing that I felt could take me out of my rut. I was sad, angry and bitter over so many things and I couldn’t shake it. For a temporary period, the antidepressants did actually help which really surprised me! I’d always heard horror stories about antidepressants and how they make you feel zoned out or like a zombie but the experience for me wasn’t too bad. I had no major side effects except bad heads at times. I felt very balanced for the first time in forever and I felt like it was a little push that I needed. It wasn’t all stars and rainbows but for the majority, I felt quite ok in myself. I think I took them for about 2 months or so and I eventually just reached a stage where I felt done with them. I didn’t want to keep relying on the tablets and realised I still needed to work on the psychological side of things.

Something that really helped me with that was just taking time to myself to relax and just enjoy my own company. I had a week or so to myself when my flatmate had gone away on a holiday and it was so beneficial. I still had a lot of job shit going on (still do!) but I felt so content with myself. I took a break, I followed my own little routine and I just chilled and worried about no one and nothing. It was another wakeup that sometimes, I just need to think about myself and take care of me. I think a lot of us get wrapped up in worrying about others lives sometimes and wish to be the hero and save the day. I’ve always been a caring person but can never seem to stop myself when it comes to solving others problems. It’s not a bad trait for me to have but it can be my downfall in a lot of ways because I invest too much time in others and lose focus on myself which can become really catastrophic for me.

Last week, I booked myself a holiday to Spain (10 days and counting OHMYGODDDDDD) and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m actually going on the holiday by myself which a lot of my friends and family think is crazy! It really doesn’t phase me though. Don’t get me wrong, I can go batshit crazy when I’m on my own for long periods of time (ha!) but I really do enjoy my own company. It’s so nice to reach that point where you don’t have to rely on others to feel content. I think it’s such an important skill (if you call it a skill!?), for people to hone. I am so so so excited to go away to Spain for a week, to lie in the sun and do absolutely NOTHING! Work life and adult life has been a real struggle over the last year and I feel like this is a long deserved break for myself. I’ve saved a lot of money that’s been sitting in my bank account looking pretty for ages and it’s about time I spent some of it and treated myself.

So folks, if there’s one thing you do today….. TAKE A BREAK. Yes, even if it is to have a kit kat (lolz) or to catch up on some TV (pssst, bake off is back….). Go on a spa day, enjoy a meal with friends or family, take a walk, read a book or go on a damn holiday!! Just remember to always take time for yourself to relax and process things. We live in such a busy world and I don’t think we take enough time to just process ‘life’.

I look forward to blogging about my sunny getaway in a few weeks and hopefully I’ll be back with no disastrous holiday stories!! Wish me luck and ciao for now xo

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