Solo travelling: Spain

25 Sep

Hello hello hello world! How are we? I hope you’re well!

So if you’ve been following my recent blogs I’m sure you may have realised that I am all about preaching alone time! I sound like such a hermit but something I’ve come to learn in the past few years is that having time to yourself is fucking awesome! (Excuse my french.) I’m not someone who lives alone or has no friends (trust me, I do like to socialize!) but something that I’m on a bit of a hype on at the moment is solo travelling. Lots of people solo travel and ‘discover themselves’ and trek the amazon or some shit but I’m actually just talking about going on little trips! Backpacking in the desert isn’t really my thing but seeing new places or going to a nice hot country is right up my street.

A couple of weeks ago whilst slogging away at work in a cramped office, I was sat dreaming away of a sunny destination and with a lot of annual leave and savings available I decided to book myself a last minute trip to Spain. Life is short so why not!? Naturally, I would usually go with a friend or something but with no one available, I decided to go alone! The excitement was real but everyone I spoke to gasped in shock when I told them I was going alone. Even speaking with people now, they all look at me in bemusement as if I’ve murdered someone. It makes me chuckle but it really didn’t bother me! I really enjoyed my time alone and had THE most relaxing time!

My trip started in the super early hours (I’m talking 3am) and my kind dad gave me a lift over to Bristol airport. I flew with easyjet and got myself the speedy boarding option that pretty much allowed me to skip all the queues which was FABULOUS. I rolled in feeling like an absolute G but it was soon short lived when I realised that actually, I’d still be sitting in a big old tin next to some screaming baby on a 2 hour squishy flight. Boring flight over and I soon arrived at my destination which was Palma Mallorca!

Palma was a strange airport and the departures and arrival lounges/gates all merged into one so after a bit of a confusing walk through to security, I was soon out of the airport and into the HEAT! I got a taxi from the airport to my hotel (top tip: always go for the official airport taxi rank! Don’t get roped in by some randomer trying to offer you a taxi especially if you’re alone.) 20 euros later (vom) and a 10 minute taxi ride and I was at the hotel!

I stayed at the Hotel Pamplona which was right by the beach in Palma. It was a 4* hotel and what a delight it was. Due to my early morning flight, my room wasn’t quite ready so I had about an hour or two to just hang by the beach until I could go back to check in. The Palma beach area was so lovely and I’d never seen such a nice, pretty beach view. Miles of golden sand and twinkling blue waves lashing back and forth with a mountain view to follow. HEAVEN!

Everything about the area was just easy and convenient for someone like me travelling alone. Endless supermarkets/shops nearby, a beach, my hotel with a lovely pool and even my own private cabana to lay on all day and do nothing!

I won’t lie, it got to half way though the week and I was going a little stir crazy not speaking to anyone but I soon got over it. Being alone wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. I thought I might find it a bit awkward with eating food alone but it really wasn’t an issue. With the type of hotel I had, the main meals were included in the deal anyway so it was a help yourself style restaurant which was a dream for me! I could go in, eat food and just go straight back out without the hassle of waiting around for the food.

I can’t say that I really spoke to many people at the hotel apart from the staff. Mainly because, everyone was German!?! I swear, I have never seen so many Germans in my lifetime! Palma is obviously a popular destination for them. They even had German bars and clubs along the walkways?!

Having a whole 7 days to just think about nothing or no one really switched my brain off which is what the doctor ordered for me! A blissful week of reading, music and sleeping was all I needed and doing it alone was even better. I didn’t have to converse with anyone (dear god, that makes me sound like such an anti social. I promise I don’t hate people) and I could do whatever I wanted on my own schedule.

I got to enjoy some time adventuring in the Palma aquarium half way through the week and would regularly walk around exploring during the night times (mainly catching Pokemon, I won’t lie,  but I CAUGHT TWO PIKACHUS THOUGH!!!!) I probably could’ve ventured into Palma city centre and seen more but to be honest, with the type of holiday I was on, I couldn’t really be bothered to venture far! I was so comfortable and relaxed in my own little routine and it’s something I’d definitely do again.

My next solo adventure actually begins in a weeks time which is ridiculously exciting and I can’t believe I’m on it again already! The next destination you ask? Well, it’s only bloomin DISNEYLAND PARIS!!! Wahhhhh!!! What is life!?! I am so so excited to go and I don’t think it’s actually quite sank in that I’m going?! I’ve been back in work this last week and haven’t prepared a single thing for my trip. It was super spontaneous but I love that! I will most definitely be filling you in on that trip when I return in a few weeks so keep your eyes about for that.

For now, I shall leave you with sunny photos of my Spain trip! If there’s anything that you take from this blog then it’s to go wild and book yourself a solo trip! Do it, do it, do it! I promise you, you won’t regret it. I feel like it’s something everyone should experience just once. Even if you don’t enjoy it as much as being with others, it’s such a good life experience and helps you get back in touch with yourself!

Thanks for reading and ciao for now xo


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