13 Reasons Why.

6 Apr

It’s just hit 1am on a Thursday and I can only describe how I feel as being emotionally drained. I’ve had some time off work this week to just relax and catch up on TV and in particular over the last 2 days, I’ve been binge-watching a new Netflix series called ’13 Reasons Why’.

So, I know binge-watching or binge doing anything isn’t always the healthiest way to go about things but honestly, I just had to share my thoughts on this TV series. I’ve been hooked to it over the last 24 plus hours and it hit me so hard.

It’s making the rounds on social media at the minute and that’s what got me watching it. Everyone has been tweeting about it so I thought I’d check it out for myself.

The theme of the programme surrounds the impact of bullying, rape, teenage suicide and mental health on a selection of 17 year old high school students. This intense thriller follows the suicide of a character named Hannah Baker. The premise of the programme follows the harrowing stories of Hannah Bakers suicide told by the girl herself and why she decided to take the path that she did. It’s a very sad and upsetting story but it’s also so powerful and meaningful.

Without wanting to give too much away, the journey of this sad tale is mainly lead by one of the other protagonists, Clay Jensen. A previous friend of Hannah Bakers, Clay discovers a set of 13 tapes that were recorded by Hannah and so he takes us on his personal journey of learning about the real reasons behind the results of Hannah’s suicide.

The actors in this series, brilliantly display the hardships and turmoil that meet the high school students along the way. With the narrative going down the route of flashbacks and previous stories, it almost takes you on a backwards journey as to what happened. I was hooked on every episode and couldn’t stop thinking about what was to come next.

I’m so glad that Netflix are promoting and creating such important and powerful content in relation to the topic of suicide and mental health. For so long, we’ve been battling with the stigma of suicide and to this day, it’s still being treated as such a taboo. 13 Reasons Why helps young people and older people alike to understand the effects that social pressures and bullying has on people at such a young age. I think it’s vital that school kids watch a show like this to understand the impact words and actions can have on others.

Hannah Baker ends her own life because of the actions of others. She is affected by so much surrounding her life and nobody takes notice as to why. Nobody talks and nobody takes the time to understand what is going on. These type of things are happening in the real world that we live in. Males in particular are being highlighted to have such high statistics/rates of suicide. Campaigns like #itsoktotalk are helping us fight this problem and I really hope that the introduction of such a hard hitting TV series like 13 Reasons Why can continue to fight the battle. I’ve been so moved by this programme and truly hope that others can take something from it too.

As a way to round off this blog, I’d just like to state 13 reasons why you matter in this world. 13 Reasons why you should remind yourself to keep on keeping on and 13 reasons why you should always choose life.

  1. You are stronger than you think. Life throws you hurdles but you keep jumping over them. Go you!
  2. The sun is shining today. The sky is blue and clouds are nowhere to be seen. Go out and enjoy that sun beaming on your face!
  3. Pizza is a pretty great thing that exists in this world and it makes your life that much greater! Go grab yourself a slice of cheesy goodness.
  4. You are beautiful inside and out. Flaws and all and only you need to tell yourself that.
  5. The world is there to be seen. The world is there to be explored and there is always adventure around every corner.
  6. Struggles in life always seem tougher than they are at the time but all it takes is a little perspective and some time to reflect. Time heals all!
  7. Music is always your friend and always has a way of taking you through something. Stick those earphones in and escape to a world unknown!
  8. If music isn’t your thing, TV and film are always great ways of exploring and expressing yourself too. Try Netflix, try this show called 13 Reasons Why…… you won’t regret it!
  9. You matter to this world because you have a purpose! You have a skill to be shared, you have a story to tell and you’ll bloody damn well do it to the best of your ability!
  10. Always choose life because otherwise, when else can you drool over photos of Zac Efron shirtless?
  11. Sometimes, there is a greater path in life other than just you. You can use your voice to help others or to make things count!
  12. Keep on keeping on because you are going to be the stronger person. Stand up for yourself and tell that mean co-worker to stick it where the sun don’t shine. Hold your ground and stick with your gut!
  13. And finally, you matter because you’re you. And no one can replace you!

Cringe worthy life advice over. I’m no preacher but I think it’s nice sometimes to put some positivity out there! Do with it what you will, but I hope you’ve enjoyed reading! Let me know if you’ve watched 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. How did it make you feel!?

Thanks for reading. Ciao for now x


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